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Metabolic and Toxicity Testing

What makes us unique as individuals is a combination of our genes and environment (“nature and nuture”).  Identical twins, with the same genes, can have opposite health profiles depending upon how they have lived their lives.


“Metabolism” refers to how the body works as a biochemical machine.  Metabolism not only includes the burning of calories (weight issues) and the generation of energy (fatigue), also refers to how genetics, hormones, foods, supplements, and toxins affect the processes of our body.   Most classic forms of medicine use xray or MRI studies, looking at structure.  However, structure rarely correlates with symptoms.


Metabolic medicine is sometimes called “functional” medicine because it looks at how the individual functions.  Functional problems can be a “root cause” of virtually every chronic disease we now face as adults, including: pain, anxiety, depression, hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes, thyroid disease, digestive disorders, immune system disorders, osteoporosis and cancer.   Chronic childhood disorders including autism, attention deficit disorder, allergy, asthma, eczema, behavioral issues, and others often have functional causes.


 We use various tests to measure specific biochemical markers.  Such tests can detect nutritional deficiencies (most of us have at least one), malabsorption and digestive dysfunction,  toxins (heavy metals, petroleum compounds, others) bad bacteria, yeast and parasites, and signs of genetic variability that weakens our functioning, including hormones, immune system and nervous system.


While most of us can benefit from taking supplements (see article below), not all metabolic/functional problems can be solved by taking supplements or other pills.  Poor sleep, stress, maldigestion, muscle tension, and nervous system dysfunction (high/low blood pressure, anxiety, depression) sometimes require other modalities as well, including: special diets, acupuncture, yoga, gentle exercise, body work, etc.


Since each patient brings a different genetic profile, history, preference, and resource, we individualize programs to match patient goals with evaluation and treatment options.

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