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Michael Cheikin MD

Holistic Medicine and Physiatry

Optimal Health & Transformation through Medical Science & Art


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Conventional Physiatry: prescription and management of physical, occupational, speech and vocational therapy; brace and shoe needs, electrodiagnostic testing (board certified), and rehabilitation of sports, orthopedic, neurologic, cardio-pulmonary, and other conditions.


Management of Pain and Fatigue: using a comprehensive 9-step approach that combines the best of conventional and alternative medicine.


Medical Acupuncture and Related Services: for pain, arthritic conditions, sports medicine, hormonal imbalance, depression and anxiety, smoking sessation, and other conditions


Hormonal & Metabolic Testing & Treatment: testing of blood, urine, stool, hair for  hormones, heavy metals, other toxins, vitamins and minerals, genes and allergies, bacteria, yeast and parasites; and designing natural programs to restore balance. 


Nutritional/Dietary Counseling, Prevention: supplement analysis and simplifications; whole foods diets,  detoxification, elimination diets, weight management


Medical Yoga and Yogic Therapy: for prevention, sports, pain management, anxiety and depression, sleep disorders, and other mind-body conditions; private, groups and classes


Special Needs: Wheelchairs, Spasticity, Wounds: wheelchair evaluation and prescription, spasticity management including Botox, and wound prevention and treatment.


Second Opinions and Independent Medical Evaluations: options regarding surgery, workers compensation, long term disability, and children's disabilities


Energy Medicine and Mind-Body Techniques including NMT (neuromodulation technique), medical hypnosis, allergy elimination, and other methods


*some services are not covered by conventional insurance plans but may be reimbursed under a health care saving account