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(actual reviews of Dr. Cheikin’s healing workshops)

I don't know where I would be with out Dr. Cheikin.  Truly, I am a changed person. The program is essential for understanding the path to optimal health.  The combination of physical and mental support this program offers is the ‘golden ticket’ for anyone struggling to understand and heal from the ‘illness’ ”. 

Gwendolyn Hitt, Norristown, Pennsylvania

"I feel much more positive about myself and my potential for healing.”

Joan Tedescki, New York, New York

“Michael is a very patient, understanding individual as well as a professional.  Very accessible, no attitude.  It appears in this age of insurance company control and influence, Michael is accepting the challenge and working within the “framework of the future” regarding health care.  BRAVO”. 

David Breen, New Brunswick, New Jersey

“The information given as a 9-step plan gives me  direction to help my body heal.  Before the workshop, I had lost hope of ever feeling better; now I am empowered to make changes.”

 Barbara Semans, Mount Pleasant, Michigan

“This is my third time taking this workshop…  Because I’ve been at different stages with the ‘illness’ each time I’ve come, I’ve extrapolated different pieces of information…  I think you [Dr. Cheikin]  are also a spiritual leader as well as a healer and I’ve grown through your perspective on medicine, health and life…”

Kim Block, Falmouth, Maine

“I have a whole new outlook on my life.  Instead of pain and sadness, I see good health and happiness for the first time in my life.”

 Lisa Calabrese, Hampden, Massachusetts

“I was attending [the workshop] as a support for a

 patient.  I learned a great deal about addressing her

 difficulties and how to help her.”

 Janet Nicols, Mother of a patient, Cumberland Foreside, Maine