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Prevention, Nutrition and Anti-Aging Program

While there is significant scientific literature demonstrating the efficiency of prevention, the “health care” industry is minimally incentivized to provide such services. Only 20% of dis-ease, at most, is genetically fixed; otherwise lifestyle and epigenes make use sick and can make us well.  There are general approaches as well as individualized, specific strategies based on history, physical, lab tests and patient goals and priorities. Please check in periodically for updates and future video segments.

Adrenal Fatigue

Epigenes--Re-Programming of DNA and Yoga--From Aum to Ome

Niacin Part 1

An Inconvenient Life

If Eating Fat Makes You Fat...


Niacin Part 2: Implementation

Arthritis is Reversible

FATIGUE, FAtigue, fatigue

Nutrients (What We Really Need)

Biological Clocks, Aging and Dis-ease--Chronobiology Primer

Food as Energy, Material and Signal

Oxygen, Oxidation and Acid



Revolutionary Concepts in

Holistic Medicine




Blame the Patient


Stealth Infections

Caring for Our Health and our Planet

Health Insurance Gambit and How To Win

Submission and Surrender to Heal

Colluding to Not Heal

Heavy Metal Toxicity

What's Supp: Supplements 101 (Strategies)

Connection Spectrum and Social Technology


Violence of the Mind

Cortisol:  Stress & Aging Hormone


Wheat, Gluten, Grain Intolerance and Celiac

Courage to Heal

Layers of Health and Disease

Yoga: Physical vs Physiological

CSI of Health Care

An Optimal Lifestyle

Yoga as Science

Dementias Alzheimers Elderly Middle Age and Pediatric


Light & Consciousness


Diagnosis, Fallacy of

Lithium: Drug, or Essential Nutrient (coming soon)


Diets, Meal Plans, and Food Plans

The Mystical Side of Medicine



Neurotransmitter Fix, Pursuit of the Ultimate