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Stress Reduction, Sleep and Spirit Program

Living organisms, whether bacteria or humans, have mechanisms to deal with stress or challenge to survival. There are different types of stress: dis-stress (excessive) and eu-stress (fun).  We need a  certain amount of stress to optimize our systems.  However, modern high-speed life does not teach or encourage us to slow down. It is estimated that up to 80% of visits to doctors (and therefore much “health care” costs, are related to stress.  There are general approaches as well as individualized, specific strategies based on history, physical, lab tests and patient goals and priorities. Please check in periodically for updates and future video segments.

Adrenal Fatigue

Courage to Heal


An Inconvenient Life


The Mystical Side of Medicine



Neurotransmitter Fix

Biological Clocks, Aging and

Dis-ease--Chronobiology Primer

Heavy Metal Toxicity

Seeing the Obvious


Humor as Diagnosis


Brain Dis-Inhibition as a Root Cause (coming soon)


Submission and Surrender to Heal and Grow

Brain Dysfunction


Trauma, Stress, Abuse, Damage, Resiliency Repair

Colluding to Not Heal


Violence of the Mind

Connection Spectrum and Social Technology

Layers of Health and Disease (pending)

Yoga: Physical vs Physiological

Cortisol:  Stress & Aging Hormone

An Optimal Lifestyle

Yoga as Science


Light & Consciousness