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Pain and Fatigue Program

(includes Arthritis, CFS, FMS, MCS)

Pain, whether physical or emotional, is a signal that something is wrong.  Ignored or medicated, it tends to come back if the root cause is not identified. The sensation of fatigue, like pain, has several dimensions. Pain and fatigue are no longer limited to the elderly, and can be significantly improved with holistic medicine.  There are general approaches as well as individualized, specific strategies based on history, physical, lab tests and patient goals and priorities. Please check in periodically for updates and future video segments.

Adrenal Fatigue



An Inconvenient Life


Neurotransmitter Fix, Pursuit of the Ultimate

Arthritis is Reversible

FATIGUE, FAtigue, fatigue

Oxygen, Oxidation and Acid

Chronic Pain



Colluding to Not Heal

Gut & Inflammation

Sports Injuries (Recurrent)

Cortisol:  Stress & Aging Hormone


Violence of the Mind

Courage to Heal

Infectious Organized Crime: Fungus, Virus, or Us

Yoga: Physical vs Physiological

Diagnosis, Fallacy of


Yoga’s Real Power: Information, Communication, Perception and Choice



Listening to Your Pain

Yoga as Science