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Hormones are signal molecules, like snail mail, that cells use to communicate with each other. They go back to the most basic single cells in evolution. They are highly vulnerable to toxins and stress.  There are general approaches as well as individualized, specific strategies based on history, physical, lab tests and patient goals and priorities. Please check in periodically for updates and future video segments.

Adrenal Fatigue

FATIGUE, FAtigue, fatigue

Memory Science

An Inconvenient Life

Fat, Types of

Sexual Dimensions

Biological Clocks, Aging and Dis-ease--A Chronobiology Primer






Bone Health and Vitamin D

Hormone Havoc

Sugar Blues

Cortisol: The Stress... Hormone

Hormonal Web

Thyroid: Hidden Epidemic

Diabetes and Sugar

Hunger and Control

Trauma, Stress, Abuse, Damage, Resilency Repair

Fasts and Detoxes


Weight & Metabolism