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Holistic Medicine and Physiatry

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Abuse, Trauma, Stress, Damage, Resilency Repair

Acid, Oxygen, Oxidation

Anxiety, ADD or Intelligence

Adrenal Fatigue


Allergy and Infection: Two Sides of the Same Coin

Allergy: Holistic Approach

Intolerance: Allergy vs Toxicity

(Dementias:) Alzheimers Elderly Middle Age and Pediatric

Amino Acids and Proteins 1

An Inconvenient Life


Anxiety (Basket of Emotion)

Anxiety, ADD or Intelligence

Arthritis is Reversible

Asthma (Yoga for)


Auto-Immune Syndromes

Bio-Identical Hormones (see also “Hormone Havoc”)

Biological Clocks, Aging and Dis-ease--A Chronobiology Primer


Blame the Patient

Bone Health and the Fear of Osteoporosis

Brain Dis-Inhibition as a Root Cause (coming soon)

Brain Dysfunction

Brain Gut Connection

Brain Preservation and Enhancement

But Doc, Diet & Exercise Ain’t Workin’

Carbohydrates: Use, Abuse and Paranoia

Caring for Our Health and our Planet

Cartilage and Joint Healing (pending)

Celiac, Wheat, Gluten and Grain Intolerance

Chronic Fatigue

Chronic Pain

Colluding to Not Heal



Connection Spectrum and Social Technology


Cortisol: The Stress, Aging & Obesity Hormone

Courage to Heal

CSI of Health Care

Dementias Alzheimers Elderly Middle Age and Pediatric


Detox 101: The Solution to Pollution is Dilution

Detoxes and Fasts

Detox: Spiritual and Biochemical Parallels

Diabetes and Sugar

Diagnosis, Fallacy of

Diarrhea, IBS & Colitis

Diet & Exercise Ain’t Workin’

Diets, Meal Plans, and Food Plans


Elements and Trace Minerals

Elimination and Detox: 10 Principles

Epigenes--Re-Programming of DNA and Yoga--From Aum to Ome

Fasts and Detoxes

FATIGUE, FAtigue, fatigue

If Fat Makes You Fat...

Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue

Food as Energy, Material and Signal


Fungus, Virus, or Us: Infectious Organized Crime

Gluten, Grain Wheat Intolerance and Celiac

Gut-Brain Connection

Gut & Inflammation

Hair Thinning (coming soon)

Heavy Metal Toxicity


Health Insurance Gambit and How To Win

Holistic Medicine Overview

Hormone Havoc

Hormonal Web

Humor as Diagnosis

Hunger and Control, Not Emotional Eating

If Eating Fat Makes You Fat...

Inconvenient Life

Infection and Allergy: Two Sides of the Same Coin

Infectious Organized Crime: Fungus, Virus or Us

Infectious Parties: Bacteria, Candida, Lyme, Epstein Barr, Parasites & Others


Intolerance: Allergy vs Toxicity

Iodine: The Purple Nutrient


Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)


Kids Brains and Yoga

Lab Tests: What Do They Really Mean? (coming soon)

Layers of Health and Disease

Leaky Gut Syndrome

& Dis-Ease

An Optimal Lifestyle

Light & Consciousness

Listening to Your Pain

Liver Lover (coming soon)

Lithium: Drug, or Essential Nutrient (coming soon)

Lyme and Spirochete Diseases: The Endemic Epidemic of the North

Magnificent Magnesium

Memory Science

Minerals and Trace Elements

The Mystical Side of Medicine

Niacin Part 1

Niacin Part 2: Implementation

Neurotransmitter Fix, Pursuit of the Ultimate

(See also: Brain Dysfunction, Synapse Magic (coming soon)

Nutrient Testing and Their Limits: Deficiency, Toxicity, Insufficiency

Nutrients (What We Really Need)


Oily (Fish and Flax) Considerations (coming soon)

Oxygen, Oxidation and Acid

Pain, Chronic

Patients and Patience

Power in Yoga:  Information, Communication, Perception and Choice

Pregnancy (Optimal)


Proteins (coming soon)

Readiness (coming soon)

Reversing Aging Diagram

Revolutionary Concepts in

Holistic Medicine

Seeing the Obvious


Sexual Dimensions



Sports Injuries (Recurrent)

Stealth Infections

Stomach Acid

Stress (See also: Cortisol, Adrenal Fatigue)

Stress, Trauma, Abuse, Damage, Resilency Repair

Submission and Surrender to Heal

Sugar 101, or What is a Carb and Why am I Addicted?

Sugar Blues & Diabetes

Supplements (Scoop on)

What's Supp: Supplements 101 (Strategies)

Testing Nutrients and Their Limits: Deficiency, Toxicity, Insufficiency

Thyroid: Hidden Epidemic

Toxins: Detox 101: The Solution to Pollution is Dilution

Trauma, Stress, Abuse, Damage, Resilency Repair

Violence of the Mind

Violence, emotions, behavior and neuroscience

Virus, Fungus or Us: Infectious Organized Crime

Water Water Water (soon)

Weight & Types of Fat

Weight Loss Resistance diagram

Weight Loss Resistance

Wheat, Gluten, Grain Intolerance and Celiac

Yeast and Candida 1: Causes and Symptom

Yeast and Candida 2: Holistic Evaluation and Treatment

Yeast Treatment Principles

Yoga and Our Kids Brains

Yoga: Physical vs Physiological

Yoga’s Real Power: Information, Communication, Perception and Choice

Yoga as Science; Science as Truth; Truth as Religion